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  • To The Point Training & Development

    How To The Point
    is Your Organization’s Success System?

    Every year, companies waste thousands of dollars ignoring problems rather than teaching employees, teams & managers how to solve & prevent them. How do negative attitudes & behaviors affect your workplace? What does it cost when deadlines are missed or team members work against each other? Do your managers & supervisors know how to lead?

    The Good News

    The skills people need to be successful at work are learnable.

    The Results

    An engaged workforce that is aligned, focused & motivated
    takes the guess out of success.

    The three-part Personnel Best Training Series teaches employees how to be power partners, teams how to be collaborative coalitions and managers how to be leaders. Are you ready to get to that point?

    Personnel Best Training Series

    Workplace Excellence
    How To Go Home From Work Feeling Good
    Session I: Leadership is an Attitude…Not a Job Title
    Participants learn how to:

    • Increase productivity, results & morale while streamlining communication that speaks to all types of personalities
    • Align personal values with organizational success
    Session II: Dealing with Difficult People
    Participants learn how to:

    • Focus on resolution not emotions & turn obstacles into action plans
    • Respond to rather than react to negativity & anger
    Team Excellence
    Creating a Culture of Collaboration
    Session I: Team Alignment: Turning Organizational Objectives into Team Direction
    Participants learn how to:

    • Base collaboration on common purpose not friendships
    • Decrease team disconnects by increasing team agreements
    Session II: Team-Driven Accountability: Creating Culture from the Inside Out
    Participants learn how to:

    • Build team success on personal accountability & project ownership
    • Turn blaming, complaining & procrastinating into solvable problems
    Leadership Excellence
    Turning Managers into Leaders
    Session I: Integrity, Credibility & Accountability
    Participants learn how to:

    • Establish trust, ownership & collaboration
    • Lead with confidence & character, not emotion
    Session II: Motivating, Delegating & Coaching
    Participants learn how to:

    • Use the right management style for the job
    • Require & inspire optimal performance to increase engagement & retention
    Session III: Emotions, Change & Constructive Conversations
    Participants learn how to:

    • Use assertive communication to resolve missed deadlines, conflict & uncomfortable situations
    • Turn fear & resistance to change into team-driven, problem-solving opportunities
    Each three-hour customized session includes pre-training assessments, interviews, workbook content & follow-up coaching. All trainings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.